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Pictured: Tiny 44cm Trinity Hugh Hefner (81.25% Pygmy) making an Australian Miniature Goat doe (Serendipity Jules) look like a giant!

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Rivergate Stud is located near the Richmond River in a far northern location in New South Wales called Myrtle Creek . Rivergate has been breeding stud and champion miniature animals since 2009.  Rivergate endeavours to produce versatile, affordable, quality goats for showing, performance, breeding and of course, pets. By taking the utmost care in the husbandry and selection of our animals, we can truly call ourselves  "The Home of Champions".

We pride ourselves in customer service, ongoing support, constant updates and unmatched professionalism. Don't ever think twice about asking a question, there is a big chance I have asked it myself before! We have developed information booklets for general care as well as breeding and showing, we will assist buyers and goat lovers alike with any enquiry without hesitation. If you are after a genuine, honest and reliable breeder, Rivergate is the place for you! 

We are a CAE and JD tested stud and can provide all paperwork for negative test results upon request. 

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We are extremely proud to be foundation members of the AABMGS (Australian All Breeds of Miniature Goat Society). 


"We are a dedicated and friendly bunch of people who are working together to further develop miniature goat breeding in Australia and are inclusive of all individual goats and the individual breeding programs of all Stud owners."


Rivergate Stud uses bloodlines from all over Australia aswell as imported pygmy breeding (imp. USA) with the intentions of producing incredible tempered and well conformed kids. 

Bucks are the backbone of a successful breeding program and a truly consistent and reliable buck is hard to come by. We are fortunate enough to have multiple!

Majority of our does are broad sash winners and produce the same results with their progeny. 


The owner and operator of Rivergate is Samantha Dulfer who is studying a Bachelor of Applied Science with an extended major in Production Animal Science. Having started miniature goat breeding at the age of 13, her experience, dedication and love for the animals and industry is second to none. Successfully achieving supreme champion bred animal awards. 

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