Rivergate Stud

Miniature & pygmy goats



Elastration(desexing males):  available for $5 per animal.  Pain relief supplied. 

Worming: Q-Drench is $5 per kid and $10 for adults.

Vaccination: Glanvac 6 in 1 is available for $5 per goat.

Hoof trimming: available for $5 per kid or $10 per adult.


Services from our stud bucks can be arranged. All services come with a LKG (live kid guarantee) so you are free to select a service from an available buck should you have the misfortune of an unsuccessful pregnancy. Prices on application to approved does only, current vaccinations and worming must be up to date and dates provided.

Bucks currently available for service: 

Mya-Ora Prince of Penzance: $150

Trinity Hugh Hefner: $500

Pregnancy Testing: $15/goat $10/goat for 10 or more


Disbudding is available for the affordable price of $10 per goat.

Pain relief supplied. 

Show Prep

Full show prep includes eyelash and whisker trim, hoof trim and blacken, ear wax cleaned, nostrils cleaned, teeth cleaned, full shampoo and condition, tail trim and hoof hair trimmed including a full brush down after. 

Basic: $10

Basic with wash: $15

Full prep (wash, clip, trim, tidy): $30

Clip only: $10

Show clip: $20

Bucks over 2 years are $10 extra.

NOTE: Animals must be washed and dried prior to arrival if we are clipping. 


Maternity care is also available. Bring your doe to our safe and clean shed where she can have her kids comfortably. Want the kids on the bottle? No problem, we can even castrate, vaccinate, disbud your kids before they come home. Prices may differ so just get in contact if you need anything. 

Pregnancy Testing: $15/goat $10/goat for 5 or more.


The Following information booklets are available by enquiry only. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are in need of any of the following information sheets: